About us

Our History
The Nigeria Christian Corpers’ Fellowship came to existence in fulfillment of a prophesy given some years ago by Pa. S.G. Elton, a notable British Missionary. The prophesy sounded like this: “a time is coming when the Nigerian government would be paying the Nigerian Youth to preach the gospel in all nooks and crannies of the country”.
Sounds farfetched? Well the evidence of NCCF today proves that the prophesy is being fulfilled, starting from 1973 at the inception of the “National Youth Service Corps” scheme. Corpers who shared similar Christian’s beliefs started meeting in orientation camps all over the country. Unknown to one another, they met for fellowship in their various orientation camps all over Nigeria, they preached to their colleagues in their various orientation camps all over Nigeria, Consequently, they were fulfilling a divine prophesy that came through the lip of an old sagePa S G Elton long before their fathers and mothers were born.
Divine providence then brought them together, and led them to adopt the name by which we are now known: The Nigeria Christian Corpers’ Fellowship. We refer to ourselves as “Jesus Corpers” and you need no angel to prove to you that God still has Nigeria in His agenda, because no country in the world has a scheme so well thought like NYSC scheme; not to talk of NCCF! Cutting across tribes, beliefs, races and geographical boundaries; uniting the Nation, healing wounds, restoring national character, giving hope to millions and giving the leaders of tomorrow large minds to achieve all they can on a global scale.
The Nigeria Christian Corpers’ Fellowship is a body of Christian corps members who are dedicated and committed to serving God and humanity within their mandatory service year.
The fellowship is all accommodating as it makes room for all Christian Corpers who are genuinely saved by the reason of the washing of the blood of Jesus Christ and have a focused relationship with God, irrespective of their gender, tribe, church affiliation and the like.
The fellowship has functional secretariats in all the 36 State of the Federation including the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. It is from these secretariats that the activities within each state are being coordinated. Also in a bid to ensure proper spread and effective coordination, the state chapters also have zones and sub-zones under them. Anywhere Christian Corpers are found, you are sure to find NCCF. We operate even in remote places. In fact, all local government is within our reach. There has been no mountain too high or valley too low for us to cross.
For the purpose of harmony and national coordination, NCCF also has a National dimension. Our National Headquarter is located in Jos, Plateau State. We have our national conference every year in Jos, Plateau State.
The fellowship at the state level maintains a Board of Patrons, who plays an advisory role to the fellowship at that level and at the national level, a board of Trustee – a group of highly respected people in the country who have a close relationship with God. The patrons for Osun State Are Dr. Samuel Oginni (Chairman), Barrister AyodeleLoagun (Secretary); who is also the secretary, Rev. YemiOyeleye, Rev Dr. Francis Falola, Rev. Dr. Mike Oye. These are the risk bearer of the fellowship; who have passed through this platform and who are committed to the growth and development of the fellowship.
We Are Indeed: One Big Happy Family; As We Are Very Small to Identify with You and Very Large to Accommodate You.
Vision and Mission
VISION: To ensure that Corps members encounter Jesus Christ and are effectively equipped to preach the gospel and disciple men everywhere in Nigeria
MISSION: Evangelism; these include rural outreaches, prison and orphanage programs.
CORE MISSION: Rural Rugged Evangelism

1. To protect and propagate the gospel of our lord Jesus Christ
2. To bring all born again Corpers into functional unit
3. To make known Christian views on issues of national important which the national delegates conference may consider expedient; to enable us speak as one.
4. To strengthen and encourage members who want to serve the lord Jesus in the Christian faith.
5. To do such other things that will facilitate the realization of these aims and objectives such as provision of some essential services where necessary to promote the social life of rural Nigerians during our outreach program and also rendering welfare and support services to Christian Corpers.

Usually Corp members leave the comfort of their homes only to get stranded in strange lands. NCCF becomes an oasis in the desert for such persons, as accommodation at NO COST is provided for such individuals.
This is a practice which is maintained in all the 36 State Chapters including the Federal Capital Territory – Abuja. NCCF owns and sometimes rents buildings, which are used as family houses for the corps members, some of who move to their own accommodations eventually. Nevertheless, insome cases, these corps members are housed all through the service year at no extra cost. For this, the NCCF earns its popularity.
We have Family houses in all our zones, the few that don’t have uses NYSC Corpers lodge headed by NCCF Coordinators. The State Family house is in Osogbo though not too big because of the number of corps members’ osun receives every batch. However, we have secured OVER 4 PLOTS for a proposed Family house and work has begun. Support this course with your federal Capitation. We currently have two 18seater buses and 1 Truck.
When NCCF gets into a village, a lot of spiritual work is done; principalities and powers of darkness are unseated and dislodged. The Gospel is preached in the native language of the people (using interpreters and films produced in the native language). This is our core task as we have a mandate of taking the gospel to the nooks and crannies of this land, giving hope to the hopeless, reaching the unreached and delivering people from the shackles of the devil. Avail yourself for God as he needs your skill, resources, talents and gifts. Irrespective of your discipline God needs you.

The Corpers organize clean-up exercise, share clothing and footwear; we also make the children and women’s hair, administer free Medical services (with the aid of a team of medical and paramedical specialists), distribute fertilizers and even administer drugs/vaccines to animals.
This is a unit where we fulfill God’s mandate for our lives as given in the book of Mark 16:15. Via this this unit, destinies are being liberated from the chains of the devil by making his strategies known to the world.
This is a unit seen as the brain box or media house of the fellowship which disseminates information to Jesus Corpers in the state. This unit is also saddled with the responsibility of ensuring the existence of a functional library for the fellowship. Also serves as the editorial arm of the fellowship and ensuring that members can access life transforming books and materials.
This is the heart beat of the fellowship. It is our identity (RURAL RUGGED EVANGELISM). Considering the mission and vision of the fellowship, all Jesus Corpers’ are members of this unit.
We see to the cleanliness and decoration of our programme venues. We ensure the maintenance of orderliness during programmes.
Before he created man, God made provision of all that man needed that’s why we call him the first welfare officer. This unit has this vision at heart. No wonder it sees to the welfare of all Jesus Corpers’ through the kitchen (Martha ministry) and visitation.

This unit to every ministry serves as one of the live channel or live line. Through it, sound (audio) and video get to the unreached. Frustrate this unit and you will get the most bored service you can think of.
We are gospel singers with efficient and outstanding personalities. Lives are in the making. Hearts are in the making. Mighty undertaking is happening in our midst. We are small enough to identity with you and large enough to accommodate you. we are the NCCF choir.
It is our duty to make adequate arrangement as touching venue, transportation, accommodation and organization in all programmes and see to the running of the family house.

We ensure that souls are saved; believers are edified for life and service to God and ultimately preparing believers for eternity.
Prayer is the stay of every believer, the importance of engine to a vehicle as well as the importance of prayerinthe life of a Christian otherwise you become spiritually crippled and handicapped. Note that when you fail to pray, you become prey for the devil. Be connected.
Join a unit and make sure you are useful for God.

Nigerian Christian Corpers’ fellowship is afellowship, a family and an organization.
1. FAMILY: we are one big happy family as we are very small to identify with you and very large to accommodate you. We have our family houses all over the state.
2. FELLOWSHIP: in-depth teaching of the word of God for the edification of all Christian corps member and to help grow and nurture every corps member unto maturity. We meet every Thursday before or after CD meetings and every Sunday in the evening. Remember NCCF is a fellowship and not a church.
3. ORGANIZATION: the organization is registered with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).
NCCF Family house is the best place you can ever stay in the course of your service year. We have our DOS and DONTS. We don’t amplify the rules; we tell you the reason behind the rules.The purpose of the instruction is that all believers would be filled with love that comes from a pure heart, a clear conscience, and genuine faith. (1 timothy 1:5) which distinguishes us from other Corpers’ fellowship. We live together in unity, love and in all purity. We operate on a platform where everybody can operate considering the inter-denominational and non-denominational nature of the fellowship. There are some things we do not do, not that they are sinful but for the sake of the harmony and unity of the fellowship
Family house is a quarry site where you will be crushed for the best to be squeezed of you. Our morning and evening devotion is so important to us as this serves as an avenue for spiritual growth of every individual.

Call: Do you really love this family?
Response: I love this family of God (2x)
Call: Show me how closely?
Response: We are so closely knitted into one
They have taken me into their arms
And am so glad to be
A part of this great family
Hand in hands together we will walk (echo) 2x
I need you to build this family (echo)
You need me to build this family (echo)
Higher and higher we will go (echo)
Greater and greater we have gone (echo)
Don’t you know you mean so much to me (echo)
Don’t you know I mean so much to you (echo)
President we love you dearly (echo)
Gen/Sec you mean so much to us (echo)
AGS we love you from our heart (echo)
(you can call others like Music Director(MD), bible study sec (B.S), everyone and so on)

Rural rugged will never die … Halleluyah
NCCF will never fail… Halleluyah
Jesus Corpers will never die…Halleluyah
We shall live forevermore Halleluyah
Call: Everybody say
Response: Amen (3x)
Call: What are we?
We are heirs of the Father
We are joint heirs with the Son
We are children, of the Kingdom
We are family… We are one…!!